So You Want To Make Me a Powerlifter…?

Do I have to wear one of those super-tight lifting suits and those ugly shoes?

No, we don't want to make you into a powerlifter (though, if you DO want to become one, we'll definitely help you.)  We do find, however, that most people want to be able to safely pick up their children and grandchildren.  They want to be able to throw a ball around, walk easily, get through their day without pain, not have to constantly sit out of fun activities, and to remain independent as they age.  

These are normal, every-day activities that we at RHINO feel people should be able to perform well into their 80's, 90's, and over 100.  The trouble is that most people cannot.  We find that most people are in pain, sit out of activities they love, and even end up TOTALLY DEPENDENT on others in assisted living homes as they age.  They not only miss out on a lot of fun, but they become a burden on their loved ones!

I just had a woman come in to see me this week who LOVES horses and everything surrounding horses.  She said she wants to ride horses every day, clean the stalls, carry their feed, saddle them, climb onto them without a problem, and not be hurting all the time!  She wants to be riding a horse when she dies, and never touch the ground, just float up into heaven (I said "kinda like Enoch from the Bible."  

"YES," she said.  "Then I want to ride horses in heaven and brush the white horses and clean all the horses' stalls in heaven."  

"Jesus will return to us on a white horse!" Said I.

"I KNOW!" she said, with joy.  "I want to take care of his horse!"

Me: (nods head and smiles approvingly)

THAT is passion.  What gets YOU going?  What do you want to make sure you can do well into old age?  Whatever it is, you need STRENGTH to do it.  You may never want to be able to clean and jerk 300 pounds.  But if you want to be able to fish with the grandkids, take a shower, go to the bathroom without assistance, and do everyday chores, you need some strength in your legs, hips, back, and arms.  There is no choice!

So we need to measure your strength and power.  How well you can lift up a bag of dog food today will determine how well you can get off the potty tomorrow.  So based on our scientific, repeatable testing system, we have to find out where you are headed with your capabilities.  And based on what we find, you may seriously need some "course correction."  That's OK!  We specialize in course correction.  But we have to test and know where the weaknesses are before we can program in your independence and your enjoyment of the rest of your life.

So we TEST you.


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