How Can Breathing Change My Stress?

Breathing correctly can change your life! A psychiatric-journal article discusses how controlled breathing can reduce anxiety and help your overall sense of well-being. Great article!I have observed that a lot of people carry more stress than is helpful or necessary. I was just talking with a woman this morning, mother of 3 lovely daughters. I asked her if she was under a heavy amount of stress. She said shed guessed it was just all the activities and pressures of 3 daughters. Makes sense!Yet there are some key things that people can do to decrease the stress even with the same levels of pressure and activities! Eric is a father of 2. To say he has a high-stress lifestyle is like saying that the Pacific Ocean is wet. He came in one day for his adjustment and had tears in his eyes. "You've changed my life!," he said. He told me this story that was so long I asked him to write it down...So this is an excerpt:

“From being in the film and television business for many years with multiple lawsuits that stole our funds to nearly losing our son three times. Producing movie premieres with my wife around the world which raised $84 million dollars in glasses, hearing aids and college scholarships for families in need and working with 57 pro and college teams and over 100 top corporations to distribute 60 million meals as well as directing and producing high demand live TV shows and being on calls and emails 12 to 14 hours a day with very tight financial resources, the stress has been high….Then after years of this the chest pains started. I thought I was having heart attacks. I went to urgent care several times and to doctors and cardiologist and had tests. Everyone said it was stress related. Inside my body I felt like a watchmen on the wall that could not lay down his defenses. After what felt like the injustice of so many losses and lawsuits that left us not knowing how to pay our bills for years I felt I had a second brain, one that was calm on the outside and one on the inside that was in constant fight or flight. My nervous system was shot and after multiple tests doctors could not find out what was causing it."Then I had the miracle of meeting Dr Todd. Not only did he help me with my neck and realigning my spine which I'm currently still doing and seeing a noticeable improvement but he also taught me how to breathe. I realize that I would go through meetings and power tasking all day long hardly breathing. He showed me that my shallow breathing told my brain that I was under stress. As I began to box breathe, I noticed that I would begin to slowly relax. Never realizing that I was literally on redline. Now when I begin to feel the weakness of the stress of the day I stop and breathe. I feel alive again!”

So what is this "amazing" breathing technique? It's actually not very complicated at all... it can barely even be considered a "technique." It's just normal breathing with a specific rhythm.Watch this video. I give a bit of a background on why it makes such a difference, and talk a bit about the scientific evidence. Then, most importantly, I teach you how to do it. But you gotta do it to get the changes!

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