Food Allergy Testing

Why Guess When You Can Test?

"Doc, wouldn't I know if I were allergic to a certain food?  My cousin Delroy is allergic to shellfish and OH MAN it's scary if he even comes near the stuff."  That's the type of question I get regularly.  The answer is, "Yes and no."  There are two types of allergies in the food world that a regular person trying to get healthy needs to understand.  One is the kinds Delroy gets, and the other is what all of us experience at some level every single day.

The first is called Immediate Hypersensitivity, also called an IgE reaction.  That is where your cousin's sister's dog's uncle (or maybe you!) have a strong, immediately-noticeable reaction to shellfish, or peanuts, or strawberries, etc.  We do not test for that type of allergy because you probably already know if you're allergic in that way.  No sense wasting the time and money to tell you something you already know.  

The second type of food allergy is called a Delayed Hypersensitivity, or IgG reaction.  This is where your body reacts to the food but not as strongly and not as immediately.

The job of the immune system, generally, is to determine "Self vs. Non-Self."

"Self" means that the system feels that what it's encountering in the bloodstream belongs in the body and is good material to either burn for energy or use to make new eyeballs, muscles, and kidneys.  It allows the material to stay in the body.  If it determines something is "Non-Self," that means that it is a dangerous foreign invader, and the immune system must eliminate if from the body.  

So your immune system uses a lot of resources and creates a lot of inflammation in order to destroy and eliminate the perceived "foreign," "Non-Self" material.  This inflammatory process is essential for survival because it's what eliminates dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other materials from your body.  But it produces a LOT of damage in the body in the process.  MANY disease processes are rooted in this constant inflammation caused by the foods we are eating.  Surprisingly it is often foods that are considered "very healthy."  Many patients are very surprised at the foods that are causing disease process in their bodies.  And because we don't know it as our body continues this process, it is a "closet killer."  

Wouldn't it be great to KNOW with exact certainty which foods are bringing life and which are bringing sickness and dis-ease to your body?  That is why we test.  We then know exactly what too eliminate from your diet.  Why guess when you can test?

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