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In any science, structure determines function. Think about it...physics, mechanics, anatomy, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, a slight change in the structure changes the whole system. Your body is the same way! It turns out there is an absolute normal for structure in the body. It has been widely studied. Many studies confirm how much illness, loss of energy, osteoarthritis, placement into nursing homes, and many other problems come directly from postural misalignment. Therefore it MUST be corrected!

So we at RHINO use the state-of-the-art Posture Screen Mobile app to measure your posture. This tells us with great accuracy if your head is shifted forward, tilted or shifted sideways, if your rib cage is twisted, displaced or bent forward, if your pelvis is out of alignment, and hips and knees compared to ankles. We compare your posture photographs to your X-rays and have the most accurate representation of the structure of your body available anywhere. Once we know the posture displacements, we can begin a care program involving adjusting, exercises, and, in some cases, traction to correct it.

During your workouts with RHINO, you will be specifically instructed to perform exercises unique to your posture to get the best results possible. Our specific training in Chiropractic BioPhysics allows us to have a lot more applicable knowledge about your correction. For example, a lot of trainers will say, "you need to tuck your pelvis under, 'hollow your belly' as you squat." But for a large number of people, this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what they should be doing based on their unique structure. As far as we know, this is level of specificity is not available in any gym anywhere.

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