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Maria Ramirez (Google)

If you guys are looking to change your life this program is and absolute must!!! Those of you that think you are stuck and cant get anywhere with your health and fitness, this program will give you a whole new outlook on life and self happiness. Dr Todd is an amazing dr and his staff are amazing as well. The coaches are very helpful with all questions and guidance with your nutrition and physical and mental limitations. They help break through those limitations and show you a new YOU! I absolutely love to walking into the office and being welcomed into the rhino family with bigs smiles and happy faces. Every one is excited to see you and help your journey be as successful as posible!

Josh Sexton (Google)

We LOVE Rhino 10/10! The workouts, the nutrition, the testing, the community.... there isn’t anything like! All of those aspects work together to get you in the best shape of your life.

Megan Vallotton (Google)

Great workouts led by great coaches!

Allen Patee (Google)

This program is a game changer. I completed it first, then my husband and the benefit has been for our entire family. It is a custom program that gives you knowledge while encouraging and motivating you along the way to strive for optimum health on your personal journey. Thank you!

Christelle Bellingan (Google)

I would give them 10 stars. About 2 1/2 years ago I had knee problems, Dr Todd adjust my leg many times and he told me Rhino 10/10 would help my knee. I finally join Rhino 10/10 and within 4 months my knee was much better. Not only is my knee better but the rest of me is also in better shape. Thank you Rhino 10/10.

Jill Lyons (Google)

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